For all organisations and companies today, computers are a vital part of their day-to-day operations; however at the same time, particularly in smaller companies, there is little or no in house knowledge or budget to manage the IT systems day-to-day or to resolve the more complex issues that can occur. 

Blackbird Solutions offer solutions to this by managing the support for all your users, computer systems and networks. We offer a wide range of support contracts from a “pay as you go” solution to a fixed price yearly contract. If preferred we can build a custom contract to suit your exact requirements.

For many of the problems that can and will occur we can advise or resolve the problem via secure remote access to your network although for more complex issues an on-site visit may be required. You can rest assured that whatever the problem or question we will do our utmost to minimise any costly disruption to your company.

We can also create support contracts for specific services (eg management of internet servers) or remote users – but more importantly all the services we offer will be built to your exact requirements and budget.

Windows, Apple OS X, Linux, iOS, SQL Server? All these and more we offer expert assistance with.

Contact us today to experience a whole new level of support.