Our simple, affordable hotspot solution is ideal for deployment in hotels, coffee shops, airport lounges, train stations, conference facilities and other sites where people will congregate and offers instant high-speed Internet connections.
The benefits to you include:
  • Low fixed monthly service charge
  • Help increase your occupancy and repeat business
  • Earn extra revenue if you choose to charge for this service
  • Hassle free, telephone support for your guests
  • White label, so branded to your company/venue
  • Flexible options depending on your requirements
  • Optional broadband connectivity supplied by us

This is the age of the Internet; all your customers will expect you to provide Internet access when staying at or travelling with or to your organisation. This can make the difference between a customer choosing to use your services or to go to your competitor.

We realise that many companies do not have the expertise and time to set up and manage a secure solution or feel that it will cost them a lot of money that won’t give a good Return on Investment (ROI). This is where Blackbird Solutions Ltd can quickly help.

We offer a wide range of cost effective reliable solutions that can be tailored to meet your individual needs and those of your customers. We have a proven track record for delivering and managing quality reliable solutions in a range of venues within the UK and abroad and with our extensive support and on site visits we can manage and support any requirement.

We have provided some of our off the shelf packages below – contact us today to see how inexpensive our solutions could be for you. And think of what revenue you’ll lose if you don’t…